Go BackEp. 6: अनि तपाई के गर्नु हुन्छ? "Episode on Work-life"
Utar Chadhav
Tue Sep 12 2023
This time we are going from “बसी बसाई” to “अनि तपाई के गर्नु हुन्छ?” This episode is for everybody who has been thinking about how to maintain a work-life balance. We bring a lot of strengths to our work - whether that be our ability to balance differing perspectives, our ability to lead, our ability to see new solutions, our ability to deliver under pressure, our ability to energize those around us, and many many others. Even so, our work identity is only one of multiple identities we inhabit in this world. We have many other selves: as a family member, as a friend, as a citizen, as a member of chosen groups. The world tries to force us to focus on the work self over everything else. What are the ways in which we resist this (sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle) demand? We would love to hear back from you too <3. Write to us, rate us on different platforms, and shower us with comments and voice notes. Have a restful week
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