Go BackEpisode 4: माया त माया हो* … सर्त लागु छैन्
Utar Chadhav
Wed Jun 21 2023
June is Pride month. Pride Month is an entire month dedicated to uplifting LGBTQIA voices, celebrating LGBTQIA culture and supporting LGBTQIA rights. A month जहाँ entire year पर्दा पछाडी पारिएका stories and eventsको लर्को लाग्छन् and त्यही लर्कोमा हामी पनि थपिएका छौँ। In this episode we talk about love. We hear a lot of coming out stories, the preparation, the anticipation, the hopes and the eventual aftermath - a story that sometimes ends in tears, and sometimes in hugs. Navigating through several experiences, we wanted to look at the other side. The loved one that the queer person is coming out to: Who are they? What social expectations might be causing them to react the way they do? And, are there resources that could support them to show up with love, and care? आखिर माया त माया होनी <3
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Co-creators & Hosts:Mamata,Raji
Executive Producer:Saru
Audio and Mixing:Irina,Rajan