Go BackEpisode 8: दिन पनि गाह्रो, लिन पनि गाह्रो
Utar Chadhav
Fri Feb 23 2024
“दिन पनि गाह्रो, लिन पनि गाह्रो OR the art of giving/receiving compliments.” Our quest of finding answers to the above statement led us to loiter on compliments. We are pretty sure this has been a hustle for you as well! How to give good compliments and how to more importantly gracefully receive and own compliments? We were curious about these questions at the beginning of this journey to understand more deeply our relationship with compliments. With time many of you joined us in this journey and told us compliments that make you feel happy, joyful, sad, irritated……… Guess we figured it out or did we? Listen to the episode to find out what makes a compliment reach marginal utility!
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Co-creators & Hosts:Raji,Saru
Audio and Mixing:Irina,Rajan
Ep. Art:Suki