Go BackEpisode 7: Culture Shock
Utar Chadhav
Mon Jan 01 2024
“The paper planes in the drawing are to define we belong somewhere. We never know where the paper planes land though sometimes we decide where it should land. We decide and dream our lives to live in a certain way but we never know what comes forth as the time passes by. Everybody keeps running back and forth searching a place where they belong, their home. The paper planes flies to the direction of wind, likewise, human lives moves along with the flow of time - sometimes, uncertain and undecided”, says Yesung while tuning Ep. 7. Ep. 7 #CultureShock now on air. अनि नव वर्ष २०२४ मनाउनु हुने साथीहरुलाई शुभ कामना! #CultureShock #UtarChadhav #MentalHealthMatters
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